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The following list of services are now available and offered by the Hon. Cindy J Hopper, a retired Court Commissioner who sat on the Family Law Bench for Fresno County Superior Court.  She is also a California State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist with over 25 years of experience in Family Law Court. Cindy J Hopper offers these services in Fresno California but is also available via remote appearance.


Parties and their attorneys can stipulate to appoint Commissioner Hopper (Ret.) to hear their case, trial or a Request for Order/Order to Show Cause or any other motion or bifurcated issue or proceeding, just as if it were being heard through the court system.  The advantage of selecting the Private Judge forum is cost effective and efficient for the parties.

Private Judging allows for a fast and efficient method for the Cause of Action/Request for Order and/or trial to to be heard.  It can be heard in either half days or full days when you select a Private Judge.  Your case will not be interrupted by the busy calendars that plague California's trial courts.   In today's legal climate with a significant amount of delay, due to the overburden court system, you will have the opportunity to have your case heard in an expedited manner.

These proceedings are held in a comfortable office and private environment.  The offices offer a level of privacy and control by the parties themselves and their attorneys.  It is not held in a public forum as are the hearings in family court.  Decisions can be rendered swiftly.  The savings reaped from removing your case or cause of action from a public forum such as family court, with its limited time for quality hearings, more than pays for the services of a Private Judge.

To initiate this type of service please contact Commissioner Hopper (Ret.) and you will be provided the appropriate forms of pleadings for your respective county.  Once signed by the parties, and attorneys if any, we will ensure the filings will be filed and conformed by the Court.  Thereafter Commission Hopper (Ret) will be appointed by the Court to hear your family law matters that you specify.

All decisions rendered in our Private Judging cases have the same legal affect as if ordered by a Judge in the Superior Court.  Your rendered decision(s) by Commissioner Hopper (Ret.) will be filed by our office in your particular cause of action/case number and you are assured of a complete record of all proceedings.


Commissioner Hopper (Ret.) serves parties and their attorneys and/or their related litigation teams as a mediator.  She is comfortable working with unrepresented parties and/or parties' attorneys, including minor's counsel.  She believes that mediation and is grounded in the needs and interests of separating parties and that with the assistance of their attorneys the parties are always in the best position to decide their own solutions and/or settlements. She recognizes that people in conflict tend to get stuck and so with her years of experience she can facilitate discussions that lead people beyond an impasse to help them resolve their conflicts through mediated resolutions with a result of a lasting agreement.


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